Sunday, July 20, 2008

It makes you wonder!!!!

I can't help but think, the problem with radical Islamist's is a world wide problem, we are in danger of losing our lifestyle, our culture, our country and its legal system, even our heads if we don't become a follower of the islamic faith. This is problem in every country in the world. Every person who does not begin to follow the islamic faith is an infidel and must be killed. Aren't they fighting words

Right now we have a battlefront where we can go in and do battle against these extreemist, we have a chance to do real harm to these people. How come every country in the world is not sending soldiers into Afghanistan, why isn't the coalition so big we will have trouble fitting them all in Afghanistan. What is the thinking in the rest of the world, when we are the only ones sending in soldiers in a big way. Does the rest of the world think we are foolish for fighting this battle, are we the only ones looking at the situation in the way we do?

It makes you wonder??


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