Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Life goes on.

Super Tuesday has come and gone. We listened to the hours of campaigning, we donated our money and we voted as all good citizens should. Barack Obama just said on tv, " this was only one battle to fight, we have many more to fight". That means we have many more hours of campaigning to listen to, many more commercials to listen to.
Our next tax bill will be much higher than we think it should be, the one after that, the same thing. We will continue to pay the high prices for gas, oil, groceries, and necessities. We will continue to think those in Washington could care less about us.
Hillary Clinton just gave her campaign $5 million dollars for a job which she could only make a salary of $1.6 million on, isn't that a little strange.
Corporations are running the country right now, and Hillary is either on the board of one of the largest corporations or has been for many years. Could there possibly be any connection there.


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