Friday, May 27, 2005

The Long Campaign

I had reason tonight to be at a service and when it was over I ran into Roy Akins, one of the Mayoral Candidates in Glens Falls. I have had reason in the past to know Roy so as I shook his hand I said "How is the campaign going" He said, "going good, it is an every day thing, just keep plugging."
Campaigns are like that, if your are an incumbent the campaign starts the day after you are elected, and continues until the next election. Every day means, every day from one election to the other. The trust given you as an elected official is so great it is humbling, it must be addressed every day in order to feel like you are living up to your trust.
I hope Roy gets elected, he will make a great mayor, and he will find out that he will begin the next campaign one day after his election, and he will keep plugging until he gets elected again.


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