Friday, February 09, 2007

It is scary

I am listening to the news about what is happening down in the southwestern border states and it is scary.
Today the news said that our National Guard soldiers are retreating from the armed Mexican durg smugglers. They say the armed mexicans have set up their own or are using our outposts, equipped with AK 47 rifles and sattelite phones, to watch the smuggling routes to make sure the drugs get through.
We have 2 border guards who are in jail for doing their jobs, and no one is doing anything about it.
How far can this go.
One Senator called all of the border state Sheriff's and asked them if we gave them the money to hire the help and to buy the weapons, how long it would take them to clean this situation up. They said in 2 weeks they could straighten out the mess we are in.
Is there no one in a leadership position who has the power to step up and say, "ok, enough is enough, do something". If not it is even more scary.
The next attack we have on the country may not be to blow up a building or a bus or or car. It may be to try to take over the country. Lets face it there are at least 20 million unwanted, illegal aliens here, that may be enough. It is really scary, please Mr. President, step up and put a stop to this.


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