Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wars and unity.

I was born in 1937 so I remember some of World War 2, I remember that the job of the leaders in the country was to unify the country because that was the only way we could win.
I just watched Hillary Clinton question Rumsfeld and treat him as if he knew nothing and her attitude dripped of the feeling that she knew more and could do better. This is only because he is in the "other party"
The blunt fact that we are in World War 3 has not had its impact on so many. Do we not realize what it will mean if we do not win the war against terrorism. We have a large number of people out there who have only one goal in life, that is to kill every one of us. If we lose, women will not be able to look down their nose at men the way Hillary does, they will do as they are told and will not have the freedoms that Hillary enjoys.
There is much talk that Hillary will run for President, and some say she will win. I certainly hope she gives up her dividing goals and works to unify the country. We don't seem to realize that this is not a game. We all "must" win.


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