Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Campaign

I heard today that someone was hitting the pavement to campaign for a seat on the Town Board. I suspect before September many people will wear out their shoes and create callous's on their knuckles knocking on doors.
I will be doing that too. I must knock on doors, ask people to sign my petition, and wear out my shoes walking around talking to voters asking them for their support. All of this is important, it is not wise to take an election for granted.
But I also have another task, I need to ask people to look at the way I conducted myself as a Councilman. Did I attend the meetings, was I interested in the business of the town and the desires of the people? I think I get a good mark on both of those, so I will ask the voters by email, blogspot, website and looking them in the eye, to support me in the Primay Election in September and the General Election in November.


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