Sunday, May 14, 2006

Different Times

Corinth has had years of good years. We had an industry here that was a part of the town for many years. We kind of took it for granted, and many of the things that came out of it. They were not all good, but not all bad either. I won't comment further on that, because I am in a very different position than most people.
Today that industry has left us, and I am sure never thinks of us, we are on our own. I heard some time ago that when they finish disposing of all of the assets they want no connection to Corinth at all. That is business.
The town board had many years of good years too. We had good people who had the interest of the town and its people as their primary goal. Everyone got along and the board functioned and did its job of governing. I used to be amazed that when we prepared a budget and had a budget hearing, no one would show up to speak for or against one single thing about the budget. Obviously they didn't feel they needed to.
Those days are over, every board meeting now has a crowd of people there to see what is happening and what we are doing. That is healthy, people should have an interest in their government. They all but tell us what to do and how to do it.
The board is experiencing different times too. We have new board members who are very bright and very aggressive. The atmosphere on the Board reflects different times.


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