Thursday, December 01, 2005

I cannot understand it.

I went to the town hall today to pick up my mail. My mailbox had a letter from an irate citizen talking about the town board bringing a trash plant or trash related business into the town.
It talked about the first Trash burning plant that did not succeed, and how we were going to have another "go" at it to try to bring another waste related business into the town.
I have written many times and promised the voters that I did not have anything to do with bringing American Ref-Fuel into the town. I did not travel to Delaware to look and tour a similar plant, I did travel to Chester Pa. to look at a plant as to the neighborhood it was in. It was in a terrible neighborhood and I made up my mind that the companies put them into neighborhoods who do not know of the risk, and do not have the power to stop them. From that point on I was not in favor of a trash burning plant.
I did vote to write a letter before we had any idea what American Ref-Fuel was, and we were dealing with the closing of IP and the need for jobs in the community. I also voted to recind the letter. The letter itself was not going to bring a Trash Plant into the town.
I have made my opinion known to the people who were then considering purchasing the IP property that we did not want NYC Garbage in the town. I felt it was my job to make that information known to anyone thinking of doing such a thing.
The property has now been purchased, and the town board does not know anymore about what is going to be done with the property than any citizen living in the town. We are trying at this point to meet with the new owners to discuss this subject. So far we have not been succesful.
I cannot understand why any person would think I would want to bring a Trash Plant into the town when I have been told outright that the people would not want it. I cannot understand why anyone would think I would try to do this secretly in a small town where everyone knows what is going on most of the time.
I cannot understand why anyone would think that in the middle of an election campaign I would go to a group of voters and promote a trash burning plant.
I continue to hear that it is a good possibility that the people who have purchased the IP property do not know themselves what they are going to do with it yet. I cannot understand why anyone would think I would know.
I cannot understand why when some people call me and tell me they want me to tell them something because they know I will not lie to them, that others would say I would "try to put something over on the town."


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