Friday, November 16, 2007

A little scary

I worked for a company that hated unions. I was a union member for my entire life. To work there you had to join the union and because you were a union member you were a second class citizen as far as the company was concerned.
At one point in time the company decided we had to wear hard hats and at the same time they said we had to wear a certain color hat determined by where we worked. Instrument Electricians (which I was) wore yellow hats, mechanical people work blue, management wore white. After researching the subject I found out that was a tactic to undermine the union atmosphere and divide us. Divide and conquer I suppose.
When the next election rolls around we will hear a lot about Red and Blue States, wow, is someone trying to divide us, and more importantly who is doing it.
If it is those who represent us that is really bad, but if it is someone from out side the country, that is worse yet. I hope I am barking up the wrong tree.


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