Monday, June 20, 2005

Bring back the country doctor

I belong to an organization that once gave an award to Dr. Pitkin for his many years of service to Corinth. Chet Walker got up and said that the only thing that Dr. Pitkin wanted to be was a country doctor who served the people.
I am experiencing an allergic reaction right now, and it would really make me feel better if I could just sit down and talk to my doctor to get his opinion on the matter. I feel like the system shields me from my doctor. If I make an appointment it takes a week or more to see him, if I just walk in I may wait 3 or 4 hours, and then talk to a doctor who has no idea what the history is, so that is not comforting.
My doctor is great, I like him a lot, but it is hard not to feel that the system he is forced to work in keeps me from him. The system is over crowded, and Glens Falls Hospital has a system in place which takes into consideration 2 things. The most people possible worked into the system and the most money coming into the coffers of the hospital. Sometimes this is not the best thing for the person suffering and needing to just talk to his doctor.
Bring back the country doctor.


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