Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The current crisis in Israel

Each day I watch the tv to see what is going on in Israel and Lebanon, any time war is raging it keeps on edge. We are miles away, but we feel the pain of those involved.
Each night I set the sleep switch on my tv and the news goes on as I go to sleep. I have to feel that Hezbollah made a big mistake right at the start. Their puppeteer the Head of Iran, made the statement that he was going to wipe Israel right off the map. He threatened the life of Israel, did you ever see anyone fight harder than they do when they are fighting for their lives.
Israel says it is using only a fraction of its firepower, I think it will be a task to wipe them out.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I feel bad about some things.

I have been on the town board for 8 years, I have never seen town board meetings like we have now. We often commented that we don't have the problems some other Boards have. We always had orderly meetings with out any outbursts or disorderly conduct. I feel bad that things are not good.
I am not pointing a finger at anyone because there are many people contributing to the situation so it will be a joint effort to stop it. It has been better the last few meetings, I hope and pray it will continue.