Saturday, April 23, 2005

Early hours

It is 4 am, it is one of those nights where you wake up and something is bothering you so you can't get back to sleep.
I decided to get up and work on some of the things that were able to dominate my mind and drive the sleep away. I sent out an email to notify some people of a meeting that I haven't had the time to send out until now.
It is raining, as I look out the window, I think of how fortunate we are to have the quiet neighborhood that we have. No cars are going by, no one walking on the street, just the quiet of the night. Fox News is showing the same programs that put me to sleep last night.
When I get back in bed, I will have to pray myself to sleep and get my mind off those things that keep forcing their way into my mind. Sleep will come soon, and so will morning.

Friday, April 15, 2005


I was taking to my Son the other day, and we were talking about the value of character in leadership. I told him the higher you go the more important character becomes, and how quickly the lack of it will show itself in a high position.
I am beginning to adapt after working for 40 years for a company who demanded that you dismiss any character issues if they got in the way of your job, and rewarding those who displayed the greatest lack of character.
The knife in the back and the lie to get what you want, I have experienced it so much that I just look the other way. But for those who do these things and believe they are smarter and wiser and better than those who don't is something I will never adapt to.
God help me to never be like that.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Railroad

It is now public knowledge that we bought a railroad this week. The town purchased the Rail Line from Antone Mountain to just north of the Saratoga Rail Station. Much work went into this venture, by the attorney's and by SEDC.
I do not believe the town should be investing in such things, but under the circumstances I believe we did the right thing. It was paid for by Grants, and more money is available to upgrade the line to a Class 2 status.
Certainly the Scenic Railway could have a great impact on the regions economy when the line gets active between Saratoga and Gore Mountain. This can now happen because of our vote this week.