Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Website

Corinth has a new website, I bookmarked it on my desktop and called it the Corinth Basher.
I did that because it seems the only purpose of it is to bash the Elected Officials.
I have a website,, right now it doesn't have a picture of me but it did before and it will again. It also has my name on the Index page and even in the domain name. The person who put this site up, (and we know who it is) has not put his name on it, he bashes all of the officials from behind a screen put up by the internet. Many of the facts stated on the site are not facts they are wrong information or half truths.
The site says that of the 2 elected boards in the town and village, only one person is doing what is right, everyone else is not doing what they should. I certainly doubt we could convince the majority of people of that. If I were that one official I would ask him to remove my name, for certainly it is not the truth.
My attorney tells me if I receive a letter with out a signature, throw it away, for it means nothing, I wonder if that goes for websites too?