Friday, February 01, 2008

No kidding!

I have not posted on my blog in quite some time. My website is getting neglected also. I bought a new computer and my software was not legal anymore. I recently purchased the software to get back in touch with the site so very soon I will be back at it updating my 2 blog sites and my webpage It will be good to get back into it. I will try to update much more often.

I was watching tv the other day and someone mistakenly made the remark,, "we will have an election very soon". They left themselves wide open on that one. The return remark was of course " Oh, I hadn't noticed". It seems nothing else on TV is important except who is going to be elected in November. You have to wonder what the real deep down reasons anyone would run for the top office in the land. Is it money, or power or both? The job ages you like nothing else in life, except cancer. It places on your shoulders a pressure you have to wonder how anyone can cope with. You are attacked for almost everything you do and praised not nearly enough.

I would be happy if we could change things so we didn't have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils every time. it seems for a job as important as the job of president is we would be able to say, "I really like this or that person, I think they would make a good President. I heard someone say this morning, if one certain person called me and wanted me to hire them for a job, with all the problems they have had in life, I would certainly not even consider them because without question there will be more problems. It doesn't work that way. If the money is there they can go on with the campaign and nothing else matters. Too bad!!!!


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