Monday, October 03, 2005

A busy time

It is a busy time, life seems to speed up as time goes on. When we crossed over from the 1900's to 2000 I wondered in my mind as I am sure everyone else did, what it would bring to our lives.
It has brought change as I expected, it has brought lots of work, as I expected. It has brought many good things, and a few not so great things along with the good.
I have many "projects" on my plate. I have a piece of property I am trying to sell for an organization I belong to. much work there moving out of it. I just finished a major meeting for the town, and a convention that was totally on my plate. I have a campaign to run, which could take up every hour of every day until Nov. 8, if I had the time to spend. I have a great deal of work to do for the town, which I could spend every day if I had it to spend. I have jobs at home with winter coming. My car needs that last cleaning, my shrubs are way overdue for a triming, my garage door needs to be painted, the back porch needs painting and new carpet put down. I could paint every room in the house. I have 5 kids and 11 grandchildren that I love dearly and would love to spend time with. I have missed playing golf this year, and would love to spend some time doing that.
I am going to work even harder from now on, I will work harder to spend more time with my family, work harder for the town, the campaign, the jobs at home. I keep telling my kids, "I think I need to retire again, I think I did it wrong the first time".


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