Monday, September 12, 2005

It's here

It's here, the Election is tomorrow. How time flies.
I have had one horrible week, I'm glad it is behind me. I look forward to a better one this week.
Because of 2 family emergencies and a close friend having a medical emergency, I have not campaigned as I should have. No fault of my own. I will have to hope that I have properly worked at the job of Councilman and that people know I have worked hard and will trust me to do it again. I have always said I am one of a few honest politicians. That sounds like I am not speaking well of my colleagues, but that is not the case. Just in the nation as a whole politicians are looked at as dishonest. I hope the people of Corinth think differently of me. I will not campaign any more, I am sure most people have made up their minds, and know how they will vote. I will work hard to do the job of Councilman as I have in the past. You have my word.


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