Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Unusual day

Today is an unusual day, I am free to work all day long and catch up some of the jobs I sometimes put off, procrastinate I guess is the word.
I had my car inspected, went to the Senior Center to sign a check since I am Treasurer, Went to visit a friend who was leaving for the day. Came home and updated my website to include the minutes of the Emergency Management Committee, which I chair. I also included some pictures of the committee at work.
I moped my floors, watered my lawn, had lunch, went to the market to get it first.
The rest of my day will include working on a drill for the emergency services, working to update our Alert System, our sirens are obsolete and we need to apply for a Homeland Security Grant to install new ones. I have much work to do to accomplish that, and only with the help of many other people.
The day will end with a trip to Glens Falls to take a friend home, and dinner with a close friend of mine.
What a great and unusual day.


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