Thursday, September 22, 2005

Somtimes I feel old

Sometimes I feel like an old dog watching the young puppies rolling and tumbling around.
I have been on the town board for 2 terms and running for the third. I hear of things that are going on around the town, how some relationships exist that some think no one knows about. I hear of the major changes some of the "new guys" want to make.
I was in a meeting in NYC and there were 2 Attorneys from the Association of Towns just answering any questions that anyone wanted to ask. As I sat down a Town Councilman from another town stepped up to the microphone and said; "We have a Councilman in our town and he is running all over the town hall and giving everyone in every department orders and just upsetting the applecart in a big way". Does he have the right to do that?
The answer was; "When a person wins the election as a Councilman he wins just one thing. He wins the right to vote one of three ways on every issue that comes across the Board. He can vote Aye, Nay or Abstain. That is the only right he has.
The government was not carelessly thrown together, and it is too important to just tear apart to make someone think we are better than the next guy. Would you really want to put someone into office who would irrresponsibily tear apart all that took so many years to put in place. Everything that goes on and exists in the town government, does so for a reason. Let's stop and think before we make foolish changes in the way we do business.


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