Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Simple solutions

I probably was the same way, although I had a year on the Town Board before I had to run for election. I chuckle as I see the simple solutions that those who are running for a seat on a town board have for the problems in the town.
The problems of taxes and terrorism and highways and records management etc. are not simple. If they were things would be different. It takes a lot of thought, sweat, sleepless nights and just plain hard work to solve problems of the magnitude that are addressed by elected officials. Nothing is easy, especially public service.
I talked to my son one day about my love for electronics and how I enjoyed going to school and studying it. But when I had major responsibility on my shoulders and a breakdown at work, with a formen of the paper machine shouting at me to "get it fixed", it wasn't as much fun.
Public service is not a fun job either, the problems are big, and some times the options are few.
May the best person win.


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