Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today's update

I continually talk to my kids about updating their blogsite, which I list on my website. With all of my nudging, I seem to be the one who is the most slack. Today I will update and try to do this every day. Maybe I won't feel guilty anymore.
I am near a Primary Election in September, even though it is almost 2 months away, it will go fast. There is much to do. I look at the brochures and cards I have to make, the pens and stickers I have to buy, the number of articles I have to write on my sites. The number of people I have to talk to and the number of doors I have to knock on. It is much work.
I continually think of the "most important" things I have to do.
I have narrowed it down in my mind to 3 things. Keeping he cost of government down, and in doing that keeping taxes in check. Public safety, which should be on the mind of every person in public service. And last but not least, communicating with those who put us in office about what is going on in "their" government. This is important in both of the other subjects.


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