Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Election Signs

The election signs are getting numerous. They are all over the place, on every corner in the village and town. The rule is that you can only put signs on private property, public property is off limits because politics have to be neutral on public property. We all own it and you cannot force anothers point of view by using public property to do it.
As an Elected Official I have to live by the rules. Those rules apply to those who are not elected but trying to be, but they don't seem to feel they have to live by them, they feel they can do as they please and the laws don't matter.
We are either in for a real bad time if they get elected or we are all going to start breaking the rules and laws any time we want to. Does this sound like a good way to go?? I don't think so.
But of course signs are not votes, the one with the most signs doesn't necessarily win.


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